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PARISH LOTTO under Licence

PARISH LOTTO or, to give its full title, Our Lady Immaculate, Darndale Belcamp Parish Lottery takes place on Tuesdays during the 8.30pm Bingo in the Darndale Community Sports Hall.

Lotto Envelopes are available in the church, Newlife Centre and the Sports Hall. 

It is regulated by Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956, section 28, and licenced by The Dublin Metropolitan District Court annually. Promoter: Fr Leo Philomin

D:LIC:DMA: 2019:001312  valid till 19th March 2020



1. Clearly mark  three numbers only (between 1 and 24) on the specially printed Lotto Envelopes. Place the €2 cost to enter the Lotto in the envelope and deliver the envelope into the special boxes provided in the church, the Newlife Centre or into the Priest's House (via letterbox). 

2. Completed envelopes must be returned to the Newlife Centre or the Priest's House by 7pm on the day of the Draw. Completed envelopes must be returned to the Scrutineers of the Draw in the Sports Hall by 8.30pm on the day of the Draw.

3. Only clearly marked numbers on the envelope with a contact name and contact number will be accepted as a valid entry.

4. Envelopes received in the following conditions will be INVALID for ENTRY INTO LOTTO DRAW:

a. Unclear markings or ambiguous markings of more than three numbers will be considered invalid.

b. Envelopes with no numbers marked, but containing contact name and details and appropriate fee.

c. Envelopes with numbers marked with the correct fee enclosed, but has no contact name or information.

d. Envelopes which do not contain the correct fee for the Lotto Draw.

5. Winner/Winners of the DRAW are those whose Lotto envelopes have only three numbers marked that match exactly the three numbers drawn on the day for the Parish Lotto. Where there are two or more envelopes with the same matching numbers as those drawn on the day, the Lotto Jackpot will be divided and shared equally among the number of winners. 

6. The number of Lotto Winners (or No Winners) will be announced during the Tuesday Bingo after all envelopes have been checked and rechecked by the Scrutineers. Lotto Winners will be officially notified by phone call on the day following the Draw. Jackpot cheques for winners will be available for collection on the Friday following the Draw. NB: It is the policy of our Lotto not to name the winners of the draw. 

7. SCRUTINEERS: Lotto Scrutineers are appointed by the Parish Finance Committee. At any given Draw there will be two Scrutineers (who sign the Lotto Draw Result Sheet) and one other scrutineer who also verifies the winning Lotto envelope/s.

8. Disputed claims will be handled by the Parish Priest or his delegate. 

9. CIRCUMSTANCES WHEN DRAWS ARE NOT HELD OR POSTPONED: No Draw takes place when Tuesdays fall during the Christmas/Easter Holidays and/or when the Sports Hall is closed for that day. Due to inclement weather or unforeseen situations the Sports Hall may not be open, and during these days the Lotto Draw will not take place, and envelopes given will be entered into the following weeks Draw.

Tuesdays 8.30pm


BINGO takes place in the Darndale Community Sports Hall on TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS, 8.30pm - 10pm.

The Bingo is run under the Gaming and Lotteries Act, 1956, section 28 and licence by The Dublin Metropolitan District Court D:LIC:DMA:2019:001319  valid until 19th March 2020.

Tuesdays & Thursdays 8.30pm-10.00pm

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